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Friday, November 18, 2011

A note from the King after launch week

A BIG thanks to all of our fans and followers- your enthusiasm for schnitzel keeps us warm and fuzzy while we freeze our buns off schnitzeling :) Plenty of you have raved about the sandwiches already, but the only true way to eat a schnitzel in all its glory is fresh off the grill. Since Chicago law doesn't allow for food trucks to cook on the vehicles, we have to make our schnitzel at a shared kitchen, pre-package them, then load 'em up on the jeep. We are already working on a few private events to give our schnitzel the chance to shine the way they deserve to, (fresh, hot, and crunchy) but until Chicago lets us cook on board, we recommend getting to the schnitzel mobile as early as possible.  Below is a tentative schedule of where we plan to be next week so you can plan accordingly :). If there's somewhere you want us to stop, just send us a tweet @KingSchnitzel. We plan on introducing catering shortly!

Thanksgiving Week Schedule
Monday- 11AM U of C
Tuesday- 11AM Monroe & Dearborn, 1PM near Trump Tower on Wabash
Wednesday- 11AM Lake and Clinton
Thursday- off, Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday- TBD

Royally Yours,

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